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Rotterdam has challenges in terms of water storage, cooling and greening the city and generating sustainable energy. The skin of the city offer plenty of space to deal with these challenges. This permanent Water Transit Hub (WTH) will showcase these challenges with a primarily focus on storage of water, but before it can be stored it must be collected. Design and optimization of urban drainage infrastructure that considers climate change impacts and co-optimizes this with other objectives for a habitable city will become increasingly important in the future. With an integrated plan that tackles the pressing issue of building sustainable urban drainage infrastructure, Rotterdam hopes to successfully fight the consequences of climate change while positioning itself as a leading national and international water knowledge and climate city.

Rotterdam needs to be protected from the increasing amount of water coming from four directions: the sea, rivers, the air and the soil. Therefore the main question of this project is: How can Rotterdam USE (ii,iii), ENJOY (iv) and at the same time PROTECT (i) itself from the increasing amount of water?

For a habitable city this becomes increasingly important in the future because when it is successfully integrated, it will resulting in more people, more economy and a more city. This Dutch “OUT OF THE BLUE” pavilion for the Rotterdam World Expo 2025 is designed to reflect on this issue (standing still) and will be merged with a permanent Water Transport Hub (moving). This because to boost the water transport infrastructure, to support the movement towards clean and energy innovative harbors, the Smart Energy Network. The World Expo is a perfect moment to integrate this with the concept of floating pavilions for the expo along the Maas.

The main theme ‘How to deal with the increasing amount of water?’, is subdivided into the following sub-themes:

(i) protection (urban drainage infrastructure) (ii) rainwater harvesting (iii) transportation by Smart Electric Energy Boat (iv) informed experience (about (sub)themes)