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G5 prototype CXY.jpg

HYDROBODY - THE LIMBS <Simulation + Prototype>

Hydro-Body - The limbs - Concept from Veerasu Saetae on Vimeo.

Hydro-Body - The limbs - Model Assemble from Veerasu Saetae on Vimeo.


The project takes bacteria exhibition hall of our pavilion as an example, trying to introduce both interactive exhibition and purification process. The tubes are designed as limbs with joints to make them shake with order. By using LDR and motors we grant life to them: when there is no visitor they are just hang still, as if it is “sad”, when visitors are sensed they shake and illuminated, becoming active, or “happy”, attracting more visitors to the tube. Bacteria in tubes are thus distributed evenly, improving the purification. The limbs can be installed both on floor and ceiling, create different atmosphere.

PRESENTATION (From Component to Organ)

G5 concept TC.jpg G5-prototype-201511163 cxy.jpg G5-prototype-201511164.jpg G5-prototype-201511165.jpg