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G10 interactivebody 01.jpg


Our project is a reflection on how society can use green space in the future: which kind of experiences can people have there, and how can the landscape fit them. Our aim is to create a dynamic landscape that responds to people's movement and environment.

We created a responsive envelope that can be used as the roof, a wall of the greenhouse, or any surface treatment. This element utilizes augmented reality where we want to transfer information nonverbally.

Individual pieces make up a scissor structure, which in turn creates a single component. Multiple components are aligned in order to make a system. This system is composed of two branches that move when sensors are activated by human movement and create a continuously morphing topology. The sensors speak to the motors, and the motors rotate in order to change the surface quality and form. The first member transfers the movement to the next and continues to change the surface.


G10 interactivebody JOINT-03.jpgG10 interactivebody 05.jpgG10 interactivebody 07.jpg G10 interactive body 03.jpgG10 interactive body 02.jpgG10 Ardinosetup.jpg



Scissor-Landscape-Animate-1.gifScissor-Landscape-Animate-2.gifScissor-Landscape-Animate-3.gif Super-Scissor-Animation.gif