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ALGAETECTURE is a pavilion which attempts to tackle the polluted air of Rotterdam city. The carbon dioxide of large industries and the Port of Rotterdam will be used as a input for the pavilion in order to plant algae. The functionality of the pavilion during the WORLD EXPO 2025 will be focussed on the experience, the awareness and benefits of algae. By making people aware of the benefits of algae at different levels it is important to show the process of algae and taste algae itself, which will be served in different forms in the restaurant. The fluidity of the different functions will offer user groups to have different experiences in the pavilion. This fluidity will also be reflected in the exterior form of the pavilion as a landscape that is integrated in its environment. Secondly the pavilion will function as a algaefarm and biolab which produces biomass and biofuels for the city of Rotterdam. After the World Expo has ended, these functions will remain and locals can use the landscape as a community space.

LC P2 00.jpg LC P2 01.jpg LC P2 02.png LC P2 03.jpg LC P2 04.png LC P2 05.jpg LC P2 06.jpg LC P2 07.jpg LC P2 08.jpg LC P2 09.jpg LC P2 10.jpg LC P2 11.jpg LC P2 12.jpg LC P2 13.jpg LC P2 14.jpg LC P2 15.jpg LC P2 16.jpg LC P2 17.jpg LC P2 18.jpg LC P2 19.jpg LC P2 20.jpg LC P2 21.jpg LC P2 22.jpg LC P2 23.jpg LC P2 24.jpg LC P2 25.jpg LC P2 26.jpg LC P2 27.jpg LC P2 28.jpg LC P2 29.jpg LC P2 30.jpg LC P2 31.jpg LC P2 32.jpg LC P2 33.jpg LC P2 34.jpg LC P2 35.jpg LC P2 36.jpg LC P2 37.jpg LC P2 38.jpg LC P2 39.jpg LC P2 40.jpg LC P2 41.jpg LC P2 42.jpg LC P2 43.jpg LC P2 44.jpg LC P2 45.jpg LC P2 46.jpg LC P2 47.jpg LC P2 48.jpg LC P2 49.jpg LC P2 50.jpg LC P2 51.jpg LC P2 52.jpg LC P2 53.jpg LC P2 54.jpg LC P2 55.jpg LC P2 56.jpg LC P2 57.jpg LC P2 58.jpg LC P2 59.jpg LC P2 60.jpg LC P2 61.jpg LC P2 62.jpg LC P2 63.jpg LC P2 64.jpg LC P2 65.jpg LC P2 66.jpg LC P2 67.jpg LC P2 68.jpg