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Amalgamatic Systems: Exo Morph

P2 Presentation

As the cost of 3d-printing prosthetic hands is constantly dropping, the medical industry is standing in front of a revolution. How can we establish a symbiotic relationship between the body and its technological extensions , how do we confront possibilities of modifying the body architecture, of engineering alternate anatomical architectures? The World Expo 2025 in Rotterdam has the potential to take a position towards how our behavioural matrix will be reshaped as we start being engaged in human-machinic conversations. The history of the site of the intervention, the Erasmus MC, and the construction of the new medical complex reveals how a medical micro-society is currently conceptualized; with the more dynamic intrusion of public space, the inclusion of commercial facilities and the fact that it acts as an attractor towards a very large and heterogeneous group of people that guarantee differentiations in mobility and 24-hour dynamics, what started as a fragmented assemblage of facilities has already become a ' medical city in the city centre', This medical city will nonetheless be inscribed within a compact mass, with no connections to the adjacent green and cultural areas. The main questions posed are the following: - How could an expo operate within -or adjacent to- a 24-hour medical city? How will its design renegotiate and smoothen the boundaries between the medical complex and the city? -Based on the fact that there are tangible examples of how the local economy is affected from the construction of the new facilities, and the character of the existing complex is already shifting towards a more public paradigm, how will the new commercial facilities and public spaces grow and possibly transcend their currently established boundaries? How can we can bridge the gap from speculating to dynamically including such scenarios in the design of the Expo? The assignment is the development a self-sustaining pavilion for the Expo 2025; at the same time, the creation of perceptible and imperceptible connections with important elements of the city, enabling the bottom-up emergence and amplification of movement trails, as well as the creation of seamless, fluid transitions between the landscape and the building. To overcome the gap between the design and the time of actualization of the project, the design will emerge from a master-algorithm instead of a master-plan, based on qualitative and quantitative urban data and open to unstable and unpredictable dynamic reconfigurations. The scheme of the activities for the Expo is, thus, designed having in mind the current demands of the complex, but also providing the ability of future mutations according to the changes in societal and environmental needs. The systematic implementation of the robotic fabrication methods that were learned during the D2RP workshop is also essential to the project; the aim is to reconsider the traditional linearity of the design process, as matters such as the structural performance as well as the material constraints and production techniques can be inserted in the design loop from the early stages.

Common Research

TW PR VRS2 Page 01.jpg TW PR VRS2 Page 02.jpg TW PR VRS2 Page 03.jpg TW PR VRS2 Page 04.jpg TW PR VRS2 Page 05.jpg TW PR VRS2 Page 06.jpg TW PR VRS2 Page 07.jpg TW PR VRS2 Page 08.jpg TW PR VRS2 Page 09.jpg TW PR VRS2 Page 10.jpg TW PR VRS2 Page 11.jpg TW PR VRS2 gifaros.gif TW PR VRS2 Page 12.jpg TW PR VRS2 Page 13.jpg TW PR VRS2 Page 14.jpg TW PR VRS2 Page 15.jpg TW PR VRS2 Page 16.jpg TW PR VRS2 Page 17.jpg TW PR VRS2 Page 18.jpg TW PR VRS2 Page 19.jpg TW PR VRS2 Page 20.jpg TW PR VRS2 Page 21.jpg TW PR VRS2 Page 22.jpg TW PR VRS2 gifaros2.gif TW PR VRS2 Page 23.jpg TW PR VRS2 Page 24.jpg TW PR VRS2 Page 25.jpg

Individual Presentation

P2 ddrit Page 01.jpg P2 ddrit Page 04.jpg Ddrit swarmy.gif P2 ddrit Page 05.jpg P2 ddrit Page 06.jpg P2 ddrit Page 07.jpg P2 ddrit Page 08.jpg P2 ddrit Page 09.jpg P2 ddrit Page 10.jpg P2 ddrit Page 11.jpg P2 ddrit Page 12.jpg P2 ddrit Page 13.jpg P2 ddrit Page 14.jpg P2 ddrit Page 15.jpg P2 ddrit Page 16.jpg P2 ddrit Page 17.jpg P2 ddrit Page 18.jpg