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Pavilion Shelter

This workshop aims to explore design to robotic production techniques, using a drilling head mounted on a six-axis industrial robotic arm and controlled with Grasshopper, in order to fabricate a 1:1 scaled section of a small-scaled pavilion located in Rotterdam - Leuvehoofd, situated near the Erasmus Bridge. Focussing on the theme Porosity, the intend was to inform the structure with as many local and global parameters as possible, exploring how these will influence the macro, meso and micro scales of the project and how these eventually will relate to each other. The final result of the workshop are three components milled out of EPS-250 foam, together forming a roof to wall section. The prototype functions as both a sketch and proof of concept of a parametric design system that is to be further developed in order to design other buildings (our graduations projects) with it. For us, the process we developed during this workshop will function as a blueprint for how we are to approach our graduation projects.

360 degrees render of the first component:

Design Team: Ralph Cloot (4329821) | Arwin Hidding (4301811)

Tutors: Henriette Bier | Sina Mostafavi

Informed Porosity Workshop File 23.png Informed Porosity Workshop File 24.png

Informed Porosity Workshop File 18.png Informed Porosity Workshop File 19.png Informed Porosity Workshop File 20.png

Robot Path 1.jpg
Robot Path 2.jpg
Robot Path 3.jpg
Robot Path 4.jpg
Robot Path 5.jpg
Robot Path 6.jpg
Robot Path 7.jpg
Robot Path 8.jpg
Robot Path 9.jpg
Robot Path 10.jpg
Robot Path 11.jpg

D2RP 1.png
D2RP 2.png
D2RP 3.png
D2RP 5.png
D2RP 6.png
D2RP 8.png
D2RP 9.png
D2RP 11.png
D2RP 12.png
D2RP 13.png
D2RP 14.png
D2RP 15.png
D2RP 16.png
D2RP 17.png
D2RP 18.png
D2RP 19.png
D2RP 20.png
D2RP 21.png
D2RP 22.png
D2RP 23.png
D2RP 24.png
D2RP 25.png

Informed Porosity Workshop File 21.png Informed Porosity Workshop File 22.png