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Rotterdam Expo 2025
With "Changing Currents" as the main theme Rotterdam is one op the possible hosts for the 2025 World Expo. For us it was clear that the pavilion would have something to do with water. The Netherlands is infamous for their constant fight against water and Rotterdam with one of the largest ports in the world has the perfect conditions to address important waterrelated problems.

Raise awareness
In our pavilion we want to raise awareness for the effects that people have on the water cycle and the consequences that come with it. We let visitors experience the most important water related world problems. Our pavilion is divided in nine spaces that alternately let visitors experience the problem and give information about the problem.

Properties of water
We looked at the properties of water in its different states. In the pavilion the people are the molecules. While moving from one space to the other, the visitors will be manipulated and form groups, be separated or being structured, just like water molecules changing states.

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