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The Roboticist Consortium

This project attempts to offer the upcoming World Exposition 2025, to be hosted in Rotterdam, a 7000m2 pavilion that functions as a consortium for roboticists who will be exploring what the fourth industrial revolution could mean for the profession of architecture. This includes, but is not limited to, human/robotic collaboration, hybrid robotic fabrication processes, agent awareness to boundary conditions, real-time multi-agent repositioning in three dimensions, collision avoidance and heterogeneous material distribution. On the other hand, the visitors of the World Expo will experience first hand how these roboticists do their research and conduct their state-of-the-art experiments, interacting to a certain extend with several robotic installations and simulations within the pavilion. For these reasons the project will not only include functions connected to various robotic workstations, laboratories, installations and workshops but will also include facilities specifically for the visitors and the interfaces between roboticist and visitor people flows. Eventually, after the World Expo is finished, the pavilion should remain functional as a research and learning center where industry and academy interact with and benefit from each other.

Ralph Cloot | 4329821

Tutors: Henriette Bier, Nimish Biloria | D2RP evaluator: Sina Mostafavi