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The design products were an outcome of two basic objectives: implementing the basics of swarm intelligence in the actual site, the north side of the Erasmusbridge, as well as experimenting with the software. The emergence of each mutation is driven by a daily time schedule, the force that decomposes the basic core of our design and restructures it as an info booth, bridge, bike stall, bar or shelter.

Eglypt-X stands for sculpting-within-the-datascape; our designs elaborate with matters such as transformation and mutation, becoming relationscapes that embrace the high complexities of relational forces, and proposes unfinished bodies, open to the dynamic processes of differentiation.

Design Concept

Diagram.jpg Time Schedule.jpg


01 shelter.jpg 02 open performance.jpg 03 bridge.jpg 04 performance inout.jpg 05 performance inout.jpg 06 dance mode.jpg 07 proc to gh 1.jpg 08 proc to gh 2.jpg 08 proc to gh 2a.jpg 09 proc to gh 3.jpg 09 proc to gh 3aa.jpg


Info Booth.jpg Landmark.jpg Shelter.jpg Linear Bridge.jpg Boat Bridge.jpg Bike Stall.jpg GH geoms.gif



Material Proposal