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[[File:Group 8 Layout 8.jpg | 850px]]
[[File:Group 8 Layout 8.jpg | 850px]]
[[File:Group 8 Layout 9.jpg | 850px]]
[[File:Group 8 Layout 9.jpg | 850px]]
[[File:Group 8 parts.jpg | 850px]]
[[File:Group 8 Parts.jpg | 850px]]
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Group 8 - Main page for wiki.jpg

Group 8 - Nexus

Group 8 Layout 2.jpg Group 8 Layout 3.jpg Group 8 Layout 4.jpg Group 8 Layout 5.jpg Group 8 Layout 6.jpg Group 8 Layout 7.jpg Group 8 Layout 8.jpg Group 8 Layout 9.jpg Group 8 Parts.jpg

Serban Bodea

1474 days ago
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Nexus, These are some comments based on our last tutoring session: You address emerging network technology trends through an interactive architectural space.Your research in tessellation principles need to be informed by spatial configurations that act as support for different technical solutions. What are the social activities essential for human interaction that you would like to host and how do components at different scales, with variable internal tessellation respond to local stimuli? Include spatial answers to these questions into your 3D model, continue your research into tessellation and structure

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