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What is the expo 2025 about?

Rotterdam is preparing a bid to host the World Expo in 2025, an event that tackles global problems through innovation and cultural exchange. World Expo Rotterdam 2025 supports the move towards a new sustainable reality. A reality in which we restore and preserve what we have. The key question we want to ask businesses, governments and communities involved is: how do we create an economy that is not only greener and more resilient, but also fairer? For this reason, the theme of World Expo Rotterdam 2025 is Changing Currents.

What is our position?

As a group we decided to tackle humanities perception because people are always involved in these global issues. As a group, we see opportunities to snap people out of the past and future in which desire and aversion are the main culprits of their absence in the moment.
 Our goal is to show people that they can control their mind by being more aware of the present moment. The only reality in which us humans can make a difference and where we can move mountains.

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Who is the target audience?

How do we transfer our message?

We want to show the visitor the difference between controlling and being controlled. And let them understand that they can achieve something great (move mountains) when they can control their mind.