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Prototype in action

Getting Shape Pavilion - Prototype

Seen the shocking world data of inactivity in the world we based the concept for a pavilion for Expo2025 on movement. Its aim is to give people the chance to do physical activity while having fun. Considered that the most inactive figures are kids and teens we decided to configure the pavilion as a interactive playground which would be partly programmed to move, in order to attract people, but also interactive through the use of pressure sensors, giving real time response on the movement of the visitors. Therefore we took advantage of this workshop to build a prototype to figure out a system to make the movement of the pavilion happen and how to program it. We studied one module of it, composed by eight different arms each of which should move independently. The module is composed by both ground and ceiling, in order to see the relationship between the two.

From component to organ

Group6-2.jpgGroup6-3.jpgGroup6-4.jpgGroup6-5.jpg Group6-6.jpgGroup6-7.jpgGroup6-8.jpgGroup6-9.jpg Group6-10.jpgGroup6-11.jpg