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[[File:G5 Site image.jpg| 850px]]
[[File:G5 Site image.jpg| 850px]]
[[File:G5 flow.gif| 560px]]
[[File:G5 flow.gif| 425px]]

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Rotterdam in the year 2025, assuming that the seawater level continue rising in this pace where it goes beyond what the government and authority are expecting. Instead of keep continuing to invest more and more on the mechanical part, water sewage system, water treatment plant. This is not the root of the problem and sustainable solution as the problem will getting worse and worse. We should take a step back and realize what are the real problems and how can we live with this situation and how can we provide a solution for the future.


The water problem is becoming a significant problem for the future of Rotterdam. The Hydro-Body Pavilion will serve as a mechanism to purify the water as well as didactic role models of future passive sustainable water treatment and uses. We present a possible site near the sluice that is possible to let the water flow through the building. It will be a community hub of purification of the water, from rainfall, river, residential area, and industrial ports, as well as a public space of recreational and leisure program.



The experience that we want the visitors of the expo to experience will be defined into 3 stages. The First stage is the entrance of the hydro-body where the visitors need to walk through a pond with the high water level. We want to illustrate the negative effect of water, flood-effect theme in this stage as the visitors descending down to the second stage.

As the visitors continue through the inner space, where the various water treatment solutions and transparent water purification tank will be taken place. This is to let the visitors experience the process of healing, recycle, purify of water, in which we as a human consume every day. At this point, one could feel the effect that an individual contribute the natural environment.

The next space will be a recreational and leisure public space for the visitors to participate in many activities interacting with water; such as drinking water fountain, solar heated swimming pool and hydroponic farming inside the pavilion. In this area, we want the participate to see the importance and value of water.


Using water urban infrastructure elements; water tower, reservoir, filter, and pipes as a starting element. Later we will combine the logic of the parametric design to these elements. We will try to ingratiate building structure, water element, and programs together.


Hydro-body SITE2.jpeg Fortunaweg, Schiedam SITE ATMOSHPERE G5 Site image.jpg

G5 flow.gif


water-drop as a point of swarm