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Group2 151127 atmosphere dry web.jpg


Group2 151218 poster module.jpeg

Group2 151218 poster module2.jpeg

Movement of a module

151211 Group2 Module impression.jpg Impression of a single module



Platform section technical 2.jpg Section of the module.


151127 Group2 Labyrinth Section.jpg151127 Group2 Labyrinth Section2.jpg Labyrinth inspired landscape.

151127 group2 Constellation1.jpg 151127 group2 Constellation2.jpg Different module shapes forming landscape.


Movement of the gulper ale is finally used to model the tentacles.

Inspiration: jellyfish give themselves another boost by staying still when being pushed by fortex rings.

Movement of the complete platform according to swimming movement or sine waves.

Movement of a system of tentacles that create waves to move the platform.

Actuation of a moving tentacle by alternating moment on the anchor point.


The modules make landscape on the water. There is a walking path and the leftover space can be used for the program. The idea is that the modules are all of one family, but have an individual personality to make the experience unique on each module. The user will walk from situation to situation with the overarching experience of being on the water. One platform is created by putting smaller floating components together.

151104 Group2 Render module edit2.jpg Impression of a module in the water.

151105 Group2 Section2 module concept.jpg Section of a module.


The landscape is created by a code that defines one basic module that can be adapted according to its specific programmatic needs. The amount and placing of the walking space through the program and the average height factor are determined.

151105 Group2 Evolution on shape.jpg Goals of the module shape. Evolution model used as a starting point.

151105 Group2 Path mapping on the surface.jpg

The modules are made by mapping a path on the surface where the geometry stays low. The rest can be used for the program.

151105 Group2 Modulescombined.jpg Possible outcomes of the model.


How the membranes / canopies of the modules are folded.


151029 Group2 Connection Methods.jpg Possible ways of connecting modules.